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Banana Sunrise playing Sniper Elite 3
Welshdragon1992 playing WATCH_DOGS
KAlex15 playing Wolfenstein: The New Order
HS Dunny playing Forza Motorsport 5

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XTuSuegrax playing Sniper Elite 3
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Rancidwind playing Destiny Beta
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Rancidwind playing Destiny Beta
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Rancidwind playing Destiny Beta


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Widoweed playing
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Xalcker playing Destiny Beta
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Br4ndy92 playing Upload Studio
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Ezekelrage playing EA SPORTS™ UFC®

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OBLITERAPTOR playing Battlefield 4
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Wicked Sly 80 playing Upload Studio
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ThrustinJ playing Upload Studio
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Futurevision95 playing Titanfall
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Odadjianactual playing WATCH_DOGS™
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AlphredOzwego playing Titanfall
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Toto The Tank1 playing Battlefield 4