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Cybertrash STATYX

Publisher: Sometimes You

Developer: Uncle Frost Team

Release Date: 13-Mar-2024

Rating: 0 / 10

Genres: Platformer, Action & adventure, Shooter, Classics

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Cybertrash STATYX is a tactical 2D action-platformer. Run, jump, slide, destroy enemies, gain experience points, upgrade your character – Jenet, who is trying to escape from the corporation. In the distant future, the industrial part of the world has separated from nature and built its infrastructure through the activities of local corporations. Robots are used to control the population. All those who disagree with the dictatorship of corporations united in opposition. The corporate response keeps pace with technological progress, and the population is condemned to cyborgization. People are abducted and modified by installing neural manipulators in various ways. Due to the limited resource of chips, the newly-minted cyborgs also take control of the unmodified population. Captured people have their memories erased and turned into cyborgs. The opposition is weakening. As the main character, Janet, you plunge into the depths of events, trying to remember the past...

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