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Overdriven Evolution

Publisher: TOMAGameStudio

Developer: TOMAGameStudio

Release Date: 25-Aug-2023

Rating: 0 / 10

Genres: Shooter, Classics

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Destroy Huge Bosses, dodge thousand of bullets, and resolve quick puzzles with your powerful space battle ship! Overdriven Evolution takes you on a challenging journey through the Kruuthian empire with an ever-changing, expertly crafted universe full of action. The game proposes 7 Game Modes: - STORY: 4 Difficulties: EASY · NORMAL · HARD · NIGHTMARE - ARCADE: Can you beat the game with only a few continues? - MANIC: Test your true arcade skills with no health bar. - THE LINE: Use all your knowledge and mastery to keep enemies away from the red line. - 10 CHALLENGES: Replay each stage with a specific goal. - COLOR-REFLEX: Involving 56 new and improved Puzzle-Maps mixing match3 and shmup! - BOSS-RUSH: Use everything you have as an expert pilot to beat all the bosses at once.

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